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You have a new product or interest in penetrating a new market. This exercise usually requires setting up a team, adding headcount, but for sure an investment and taking a risk. Talent Acquisition takes time and resources and there are no guarantees. Engaging with W1 Business Consulting allows you to hit the ground running, we already have the market knowledge, we have a wide network of partners and contacts that we can engage with and our engagement model is fast, efficient and flexible.

Some of our clients asks us to help and assist them in talent acquisition as finding the specialist candidates is not an easy task, some would like us to conduct training of their staff, but mainly it’s about growing businesses, finding customers, getting to market and turning ideas into revenue.

Typically, we work on a retainer model with a clear set of targets. Customers are mainly technology providers within Hardware and Software but also Service Providers. Our Customers appreciate our flexible engagement models and sales orientated mindset and we LOVE the challenge.

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