Looking at the IOT hardware immediately raises questions around type of radio, sensors, installation, and certifications. The majority of the devices today are still equipped with 2G, and the jump to 3G never really materialized, however the switch to NB IOT, Sigfox and especially 4G seems to take off with rocket speed and that when we are in the middle of seeing operators deploying 5G networks around the globe. Extracting vehicle information from OBD ports, delivering accurate Driver Behaviour and impact Detection, not to forget to find hardware that can operate in low power modes and deliver a fast time to first fix can be challenging


Cellular vs other Radio types, WIFI, Certifications, Coverage, Network Lifetime and Connectivity Cost. The list is long and the decision crucial. Things like deployment regions/areas, communication cost and data size will need to be examined closely from day one.


Self installed, Hardwired,  Plug in, or maybe fully Smartphone enabled? Understanding the Pros and Cons, taking the distribution and roll out model into considerations, managing the provisioning of devices and handling the devices from a firmware perspective once deployed needs to be taken into account as well

Computer electronic circuit. Blue color, faded at the sides.
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