With every solution comes add ons and needs. Connectivity is an important part of IOT. Connecting remote devices seems straight forward but finding the right technologies, defining the type of subscription and even predicting the cost are important factors and require in depth investigation. Many players forget the part around deployments and provisioning. Making sure devices gets online, reports accordingly and maintaining the devices from a connectivity standpoint becomes a huge issue once deployments are reaching bigger volumes.

We have experienced the impact when it goes wrong. But we know how it can be done!

Today, we are representing a strong player on the connectivity side called Onomondo. It’s a Danish company founded 3 years ago and was build with a mindset of simplifying connectivity by addressing it from an IT perspective. Onomondo delivers services like Connectors, which ease and optimise cloud integration, offers National roaming to ensure the best possible coverage, offers Pay-as you-go which removes concerns about SIM activation and de-activation – and the Company opens new doors to device refurbishment.


If you are in the Fleet Management space you definitely need access to Maps at some point. There are numbers of Maps providers in the market such as HERE, Google, Open Street Maps etc and we are in constant dialogue with most of the providers keeping us updated on news, functionality, and features as well as engagement models.


Being active the M2M/IOT market since 1998 we have seen the trend going from On Premise hosting to Cloud. Large Players like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google have entered this space and the services they offer keep expanding. Estimating the cost and finding right solution can be tricky. For how long will On Premise be supported and will there be implications if you opt for the Cloud solution? Although Cloud is the future there can still be territorial restrictions for various solutions.

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