IOT Platforms and Smartphone ApPs

Launching IOT programs often end up being judged by the user experience. The last 10 years has been a race when it comes to delivering scalability, security, and speed, but also visuals and ease of use. Understanding the core requirements, having the right engine in place and being able to adjust to customer needs are crucial points. Unfortunately, we still see examples where projects have failed as these areas haven’t been covered. Our current partners have experience and knowledge from rolling out programs in high volume and they have a continuous focus on being agnostic and flexible.

The best way to get acquainted with this part of IOT is testing the platforms yourself. Installing and Setting up the service, playing with the functionality, feeling the speed and understanding the flexibility will help you making the right decision.


Device Management, provisioning, deployment, and control of your sensors need a powerful and flexible middleware.

Application Platform

User experience, ease of use, scalability, third party integration and speed. Make sure you address your requirements at an early stage and that you consider your future requirements.

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