The Telematics market

The Telematics market is a fast growing, but yet a challenging market to operate in. The shifting in technologies, the challenges in deployments, the cost of ownership, and – not to forget – the constant need for customisation and integration to other systems, make this a difficult market to operate in. From Stolen vehicle Recovery, Fleet Management, Connected Vehicle/Workshop and, of course, Insurance Telematics, equally important solutions, but each with its own set of unique features and functionalities.

Finding the fastest and smartest way to deliver solutions isn’t easy. How much should be built from scratch, how much should be bought in, who should you work with, how do you position your offering and how is the ideal way engaging with your customers. W1 Business Consulting will help you navigate in the market.

Insurance Telematics

A client wanted a custom piece of hardware to launch a new program. The challenges were to reach a certain price point but also to design something small, simple to install, and yet powerful enough to deliver the data required. We have just released the device and the roll out is in progress.

Connected Vehicles

We provided a custom piece of hardware to a Connected Vehicle program and combined this with a unique middleware offering. The device was an OBD unit with cellular support, GPS and Bluetooth.

Looking at the device immediately raises questions such as type of radio, sensors, installation, and certifications. The majority of the devices today are still equipped with 2G, and the jump to 3G never really materialised, however the switch to 4G seems to take off with rocket speed and that whilst operators are deploying 5G networks around the globe. Extracting vehicle information from OBD ports, delivering accurate Driver Behaviour and impact Detection, not to forget to find hardware that can operate in low power modes and with fast time to first fix can be challenging.

We have been involved in this business since 1998 and part of multiple new developments, deployments, and programs which have given us the necessary experience and knowledge to assist our customers to launch new devices into the market and to help our Enterprise customers to select the right solutions for the program.

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